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The most reputable pavement sealing Ontario has to offer comes from a team of true professionals in the paving industry. Most people have heard that sealing asphalt and other porous paving materials is important, but not many take it as seriously as they should. Learning more about why a high quality sealant is important can help save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on repaving surfaces. The finest team in paving can help get your surfaces ready for sealing, apply the sealant, and will even provide a warranty to help protect your investment.

Is Sealing Important?

Sealing paved surfaces doesn’t just make them look newer and cleaner. It’s a way to add protection and increase the life of asphalt providing you the highest R.O.I. (Return on Investment). Asphalt is a petroleum based product that can be damaged by other petroleum products. Vehicles with even the smallest oil or gas leak can lead to stained surfaces or further deterioration. Sealing pavement can also reduce the possibility of water damage caused by the frequent freeze-thaw cycles that happen all over Ontario. If you’ve got any interest in making your paved surfaces last as long as possible, sealing with a top quality product is essential.

Getting Ready 

Preparation for sealing a paved surface is not unlike preparing a wall for a coat of paint. The surface needs to be as clean and dry as possible to attain the best results. Some paving companies in the GTA expect you to take the time to prepare the area on your own. Luckily, experienced companies understand that time is valuable and they have the equipment required to do the job effectively and efficiently. The most sought after team will bring in a mechanical scrubber that can remove dirt and debris. It’s a nice touch that will help save you, the client, hours of work and will also ensure proper adhesion.

Applying Sealant

The sealant used for paved surfaces can discolour the cement used for curbs and sidewalks, and can be devastating to grass and gardens. That’s why bordering those areas by hand is so important. When a respectable paving team is called, they’ll apply sealant with brushes or squeegees to keep the sealant where it belongs. Once bordered, sealant can be applied in spray form. For larger lots or for those looking for a faster job, the most sought after team can make use of their application vehicle. It’s a truly impressive machine that can apply sealant in strips up to fourteen feet wide.
Pavement sealing in Ontario is the best way to keep your parking areas looking their best, but also provides excellent protection to increase the life of the asphalt. You could prepare the area for sealant yourself, but for anyone lacking in time, it pays to hire a team with equipment to speed up the process. Sealing should always be done by a trained professional, and bringing in a dependable team is paramount. Contact the best in the business to help get your sealing project off to the best possible start. It’ll be looking its very best in no time!

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